Looking to Sell Your House? A New Water Softener Can Speed Up the Process!


Every small detail counts when you’re trying to get the best deal while selling your home. The age of the appliances, the color of the paint on the walls and even the cleanliness of the baseboards all have a major influence on the final buying price of your house and it’s up to you, the seller, to take all the necessary steps. Potential buyers are persistently looking for homes with newly installed water heaters, kitchen appliances, and HVAC systems, but how about your water softener? If you’re in a location where your municipality has mostly hard water that runs through the taps, then a new water softener can really give you superiority on the real estate market!

1. Buyers Who Know the Value of Soft Water

In order to successfully sell your house, you will need a solid understanding about your local market. You will need to make sure your house is competitive in comparison to the other homes in your area. People looking for houses in your area are undoubtedly looking for other properties nearby and so this means those who know the area also share your struggles with hard water and are more likely to value a home with a Alka Water treatment/softener system installed. Any home consumer who has experienced the griminess of living in a home that runs hard water will appreciate the fee of a brand new water softener when they see one. The same goes for any other kind of appliance such as a new dryer/washer, buyers who value clear, soft water will leap at the chance to get a home with a new water softener installed.

2. The Charm of New Appliances

The idea of a newly installed water softener is a solid influencer even for buyers who aren’t entirely familiar with the challenges that come with hard water. New appliances are always an appealing sight in a home for sale. When a potential buyer comes into your home and sees a brand new, freshly installed (dust-free) water softener unit, they will be inclined to keep that in mind when making a final decision, especially if you take the time to explain what it does and why it’s vital to the house. To get the most value from the newly installed water softener, ensure you bring the potential buyers through the utility areas. They will surely love the transparency and this also gives you a chance to show off your new appliance!

3. Luscious Landscaping

The final bonus of having a new water softener installed when selling your home is actually quite unexpected. A lot of people are unaware of this, but hard water is atrocious for your plants. The exact scum residue that you see forming on your glassware, bathtub, and laundry also forms on plant roots that are exposed to hard water, which can cause your gardening to wither and receive fewer nutrients than what’s required. Therefore, installing a water softener can certainly have an amazing effect on your greens, especially if your system removes excess salt before going through to your tap.

If you want your buyers to appreciate the value of your home, a new Alka Water softener is the way to go! For more information about installing a new water softener and what that means in the current housing market, contact us today!

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