Viqua VH200-F10 Home Stainless Steel Ultraviolet Water System with Integrated Pre Filter System

The Viqua VH200-F10 integrated whole house treatment system combines the popular Viqua VH200 UV sterilizer with premium Viqua AWP 3-piece Housings and high capacity 5-micron sediment pre-filter. All of the components are pre-assembled on a heavy-duty, reversible, powder-coated steel mounting bracket for fast, easy, and flexible installation. The design reduces installation time and cost, significantly saving on labor and materials.

The VH200-F10 is a popular and economical choice for whole-house treatment for cabins and smaller homes with 1 to 3 bathrooms. It is designed specifically to remove dirt, sediment, and other particulates, and to kill bacteria (including coliforms and e.coli), viruses, cryptosporidium, giardia, and a wide range of other microbiological contaminants, where the maximum required flow rate is not greater than 7 gallons per minute (GPM) or 22 liters per minute (LPM).

The Viqua VH200-F10 includes many popular convenience features including a visual UV “lamp on” indicator light, audible lamp failure alarm, and LED display that indicates lamp life remaining and total controller run time. It also features a stainless steel reactor chamber, a fire-polished domed quartz sleeve, and Viqua’s popular Sterilume™-HO coated low-pressure germicidal UV lamp with tool-free lamp replacement. It also incorporates Viqua’s BA-ICE-CL controller which automatically senses line voltage between 100 and 240 volts for consistent UV output and performance in varying electrical operating conditions. The VH200-F10 delivers a lot of features in an ultra-compact size and economical price.

Economical and easy to install!

UV disinfection is safe, effective, economical, and best of all, does not add undesirable chemicals to your water like chlorine or chloramine.

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